I use my 30 years of digital media law expierience and feedback from writing over 150 mass media related policies to create an airtight social media policy that holds up in court. Call 954-748-7698 for more details.

This powerful podcast is divided into three sections and gives you the nuts and bolt of writing an airtight social media policy. The podcast is conveyed in a detailed and structured manner, but easy to follow.




"Due to the complexities of social media, we had Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz write our office policy. I highly recommend Mark's programs for any businees that uses social media or has employees that
use social media."

Lindsey,A. Bayer, Leesburg, FL

I also customize other social media related policies such as an employee personal use of social media social media policy, background check policies, text messsaging policies, cloud policies, social media public record policies, and live streaming policies. Call Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz at 954-748-7698 for more details.

"i felt the training was well organized. Your passion on the subject matter translates well into your presentations. You obviously believe the information you present in the course. I felt like I was getting several meetings with my lawyer and some solid advise  on how better to protect myself and my agency. Even if you are already careful with your social media policy, you learn more strategies."

Zohar Zaied, Mendocino County, CA

""Very informative and much more in-depth level than my previous social media training. This was well worth my time and money."

Sue D., HR Director, Lancsaster, PA



Unfortunately, most social media policies are written by non-attorneys or attorneys who are not specialists in social media law.  Often this lack of expertise results in vague social media policies that do not comply with new federal drafting standards. I use my 33 years of digital media law experience to close hidden policy gaps and make sure there are no surprises when you need to use your policy in court.

Personal  Use Of Social Media Policy

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"This social media policy course contained more case law and more specifics on developing a Social Media Policy than any of my previous 
social media training.'"

Chief Greg Dagnan, Carthage, MO

"Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us. Your assistant in this entire process is greatly appreciated."

Pat Cabrera, Clerk, Las Vegas, NV