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Never Again Deal With Superficial Information
Or Misinformation On Your Social Media Policies
And Employee Training

Contrary to popular opinion, courts now view soical media as a highly specialized area of the law that requires a social media attorney specialist like me to make sure your policies and training comply with the new federal standards. 

Superficial social media training and policies from instructors who are not social media attorney specialists have given organizations and individuals a false impression they are properly trained to aoid liability. 

This misperception has resulted in big legal fees and irreprable reputatonal damage. My coaching program is based on 33 years of digital media law expertise. You receive accurate information based on current law.

You receive specific strategies, not general ancedotes that leave you with more questions than answers. It's not a secret that planning and preparation pays off. In my coaching program I place great emphasis on details because that is the difference between your social media policies and training holding up in court or not holding up in court.

Cost: $297

 Cost: $697

Cost: $1900